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As of October, 2016, Embarcadero is offering a free release of Delphi (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter Edition ).     There are a few restrictions, but it is a welcome step toward making more programmers aware of the joys of Delphi.  They do say "Offer may be withdrawn at any time", so don't delay if you want to check it out.  Please use the feedback link to let me know if the link stops working.


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Mensa Daily Puzzlers

For over 15 years Mensa Page-A-Day calendars have provided several puzzles a year for my programming pleasure.  Coding "solvers" is most fun, but many programs also allow user solving, convenient for "fill in the blanks" type.  Below are Amazon  links to the two most recent years.

Mensa 365 Puzzlers  Calendar 2017

Mensa 365 Puzzlers Calendar 2018

(Hint: If you can wait, current year calendars are usually on sale in January.)


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Suggestions for additions to the futures list are welcome.  If you find errors or would like more information on any of these topics, use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to send an email.

On the Drawing Board

bulletDynamic Arrays - (arrays  that change size at run time)
bulletError handling 
bulletFormatting numbers to string
bulletShowing application busy 

Easy   - insert screen.cursor:=crHourGlass; before a long loop and screen.cursor:=crDefault; after.


StringGrid Handling 

bulletString manipulation
bulletTime and date handling

Index of Delphi Techniques

Delphi Techniques
"Monitor Off" Key Hook
"Special" 5x5 Magic Squares
23 Beginner's Programs
Abundant Numbers
Alphabet Grid
Alphabet Grid
Animated Cursors in Resource
Animation (Sprites)
BeepEx - A Beep for all Windows
Big Cursors
Bitmap Chunks
Blend Drawing Demo
Branch and Bound Algorithm
Canvas Drawing
Car Talk - Reversed Age Puzzler
Challenging Math Teasers
Chases & Escapes
Chess Logic Puzzle
Chi Squared Random # Testing
Compass Drawing
Copy Folder Test
CountDown Timer Demo
Custom Stringlist Sort
Customized cursors
Delphi 7 -Newer Version Differences
Delphi Techniques
Delphi Version Testing
Delphi XE Starter Notes
Dictionary scan demo - Words with 3 doublets
Digits and Numbers
Digits Sum To 3
Display/Print Inverted Text
Drag Strip Tree Demo
Drag/drop image demo
Drag/Drop to move listbox items
Draw the Moon
Drawing Door Frames
DTMF Decoder
Enumerate Windows
Expression Evaluator (Postfix)
Fast Text Highlighting
File FixUp using TFileStream
Find 3 Primes
Four Fours (and more)
Game Boards - Reversi
Graphics Effects
Grid Word Highlighting
Heap's Permute
Hexagonal Boards
High Scores
Integer List (TIntList)
Integer vs. Real Image Rotation
Interesting 2013
International Decimal "Points"
InvMod & ModPow Email
JPG Clock
Jumping Frogs
License Key Generator
Linear Equations, Solving - Gaussian
Linear Least Squares
Locale Constants Demo
Log Sawing Patterns
LP_Solve Linear Programming Demo
MakeCaption - Justify Captions
Masking Unmasked!
Maths Challenge
Memo Clicks
Minimize to Systray Demo
MouseEnter - MouseLeave Messages
Move Grid Rows
Number Words
Numeric Edit Components
OnDrawCell Font Viewer
OnIdle Exit Demo
OpenGL CgLib Planet Viewer Demo
PageControl Color Demo
Paint on Shape
Parsing Sentences
Parsing strings
Play MP3 Files
Primes from Digits
Print Preview Demo
PrintGrid - StringGrid Printing
Random Number Generators
Regression testing
Retrieving Drive and Folder information
Robot Rooms (Exact rectangle covering)
Scrambled Letter Blocks
Screen Resolutions
Shuffle Demo
Simple Drag Drop
Simple Sokoban
Speed Tests for Lists
Spinedit Replacement (TDFFSpinEdit)
Stopping loops
StringGrid Quicksort
StringGrid Sort
StringGrids and Bitmaps
StringList to Resource
System Time Zone Information
Test Draw Rods Components
Threads test - Elevators
Timing Your Programs
Validating numeric input
Volume Control Demo
Word Grid
Word Grid - 3 Letter Words
Word Search
Word Search
Word Search By Column


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