What's New -  September 2016




 September 8, 2016:  A program that still gets updated after 14 years must fill some "niche" demand.  My "Logic Problem Solver" fits that description.  Originally written to help solve those Logic Grid problems appearing in the Dell puzzle magazines, solving requires filling a truth table grid using a number of  formal logic reasoning strategies with Latin names like "Modus Tollens", "Modus Ponens", and "Reductio ad Absurdum" whether the solver knows it or not.  . Thanks to  "geocaching", tougher logic puzzles are still floating around.   This week's update to our  Logic Problem Solver V5. 6  program was triggered by note from a "cacher" solving a large puzzle called "Misadventures on Goose Island".  I alternated between trying to solve it and fixing/enhancing the program with more success on the fixing than on the solving.   Although it is almost as addictive as coding, I'll leave the final solution to the fellow who reported it to me and just post the updated program for now.   :

September 18, 2016:  It seems like our License Key Generator program has hit a busy streak recently, averaging 12 downloads per day for the past month and moving it into the top 10 downloads for the year.  And that was while lacking the ability to encode the letter M!  I suspect that many of the downloads are by those wishing to generate an activation code for Windows or Office, etc.  They'll be disappointed.  The program implements how I might protect my programs if they were for sale.  They are not (everything on this site is free!)   Anyway, License Key Gen Version 2,2 posted today adds a few refinements and allows Mary Doe (as well as John) to register their programs J.

September 20, 2016:  A viewer recently reported significant error with the BigFloat "Divide" and "Reciprocal" operations.  Divide works by computing the reciprocal of the denominator and multiplying  by the numerator.  If the value passed to Reciprocal directly or as a denominator is negative, values returned were incorrect.    The error has existed for several months, so hopefully negative denominators are rare.  BigFloatTest was reposted today with a link to the corrected test program executable, source and a new version of the DFF Library file containing the offending module.

If you use this unit and 1/-1 does not return -1 as the result, you need this fix!