What's New -  March, 2017



March 6, 2017:  Several years ago, a buddy of mine took on the  design and implementation of a children's water fountain with multiple nozzles squirting at random intervals and durations.  I created an animated simulation to illustrate what it might look like.  The result was posted here in the "Delphi Techniques" section as an example of how to draw on a graphic control. (a "TNozzle" in this case).  You can view a picture of the resulting real "Splash Pad"  here.

 A Delphi programmer recently sent me his attempt to move the TNozzle  class to a separate unit and found that the his drawing attempts were displayed in the wrong place.   The solution was to draw on the  canvas of the TNozzle Parent property.   ShapePaint Version 2.0  demonstrates how to do this. 

March 19, 2017: CutList Version 4.05 posted today  corrects a few misspelling and truncated text errors  caught by a couple of sharp eyed users.  Thanks to Karson and Anthony for taking the time to let me know.  

March 28, 2017:  We're back!.  If you received a "Service Unavailable" message in the past two days, no worries.  The host site maintenance  guys mess up and cause this about once a month.  It's usually only a couple of hours, but this time it was 2 daysL.  I'm guessing that the root cause is that the DFF site runs under FrontPage, a terrific website builder abandoned by Microsoft years ago with no suitable conversion aids or equivalent replacement available.  Manual conversion to something less usable is an easy task to defer, so I'm limping along with the old, unsupported builder program and not many choices for finding another host.    After careful cost/benefit analysis, my conclusion is that what happens in the future is a problem to be  addressed in the future.  

In the meantime, I discovered a small bug in an old beginner's level program which generates odd order "magic squares" up to 51x51 using an ancient algorithm.  Magic Squares V1.1 corrects a grid sizing problem for the 3x3 square.