What's New -  March, 2015



March 3, 2015:

This puzzle type requires the player to find the word for the missing row of a 3-row grid such that every column is a valid 3-letter word.   WordGrid_3LetterWords Version  2.0 posted today reflects changes required to solve the 7 column Mensa Calendar puzzle for February 13, 2015 (shown at right).  As usual when I revisit a program, a  couple of additional  enhancements are  included.


March 8, 2015:  Windows makes it's time zone information available to programs in a "TimeZoneInformation" record.  Several years ago I wrote a program to illustrate how to access this information in Delphi,  the namesake programming language for this site.  TimeZoneDemo Version 2 corrects the Daylight Saving time start and end date displays from that record which requires an undocumented  "trick" to display correctly.  The system "Day of Month" value in these fields does not contain day of month but rather acts as a template defining which occurrence of the "Day of Week" value defines Daylight Savings starts and ends (1st Sunday, 3rd Wednesday, etc).  The supplied values are now converted to the correct "Day of Month" in the program display.