What's New -  June, 2015





Black clouds - not so good

Better now

June 10, 2015:  A program illustrating many graphic manipulation effects in Delphi was posted 12 years ago.  It was largely written by a young Czech programmer, Ivan Sivak, who I'm sure has moved on to bigger and better things by now.  I made only minor changes to his code before posting it.  A fix was posted today in the Contrast/Brightness section of Graphic Effects correcting a problem of white or light gray pixels displaying as black..


June 17, 2015:  A License Key Generator program was posted several months ago to explore how unique  keys might be generated to allow a program to verify owner or expiration date information.   To my surprise, the program was recently flagged as a "Keygen Trojan" by a well respected security scanner.  I revisited the source code and made a few formatting and spelling enhancements and the warning disappeared.  So, just in case, I reposted the License Key Generator V1.1 program today.    


June 29, 2015:  Acrostic Variation, posted today, implements a solver for this Mensa calendar puzzle from March 16, 2015.  It uses a search technique probably used by most human solvers; concentrating on the word intersections to find candidates; the program just does it a lot fasterJ.