What's New -  June, 2014




June14, 2014:  Here's a Fill the Blanks Puzzle worth a few idle minutes of your time.  The program makes it easy to validate that your choices are valid words and to explore alternatives.  Another extract from the 2014 Mensa Puzzle-A-Day Calendar.

Many of the 10 given three-letter partial words have more than one choice of final letter to form a common four-letter English word. Use all of the supplied letters exactly once to fill the blanks and complete all these words. 
There is only one solution.

Partial words AHE_  BEE_ CHU_ DOR_ GAV_ KIT_ MIN_ REA_ SIG_ TEA_
Final letters D E F G H K L M N X


June 21, 2014:  Self Describing Sentences, Version 2.2, posted today, adds a few extra examples of self-describing sentences or "Autograms" as Wikipedia calls them.   I also added some run statistics and the ability to interrupt long running cases.  Got to run.  We're off to Kitty hawk and the beach today to spend a few days with daughter and family.