What's New -  December, 2014


December 23, 2014:   I have often wondered how license keys are generated to incorporate data unique to a particular transaction.   A user recently requested a model to include licensee's name, licensing date, and license period.   Here's first cut at a method to accomplish this.  I have generalized the program to include multiple fields of fixed or variable length by including a field definition table.  License Key Generator has demo code to create License Keys and to decode the keys back to the original input fields for verification. 

December 3, 2014: Brute Force solves a class of problems that can be represented as equations with integer solutions.  The solution must be from a predefined set of integers.  As restrictive as that sounds, there a many problems that qualify.  It recently occurred to me that not everyone will be entering new puzzles to Brute Force, but might want to solve some of the 42 sample problems included with the downloads.   Brute Force Version 3.3 no longer displays the solution  parameters and equations when a problem is  loaded. Try to solve it on your own first!   A new button allows saved solution stuff to be displayed if you need help or just want to see how I solved the problem.