What's New -  September 2016



September 5, 2017:

Here's a puzzle for which I coded a solver several years ago. This one is from a recent page of my  Mensa Page-A-Day Puzzle Calendar.   Stars must be placed on  pre-defined subdivisions of a grid with no duplicate stars in any row, column or adjacent diagonal cell.  Stars On A Grid Version 2 allows users or the program to solve this puzzle  included in the  downloaded samples.  New puzzles can be saved and reloaded.  Some typos and design improvements are included in this version..

September 22, 2017: 

Another challenging puzzle from the Mensa Calendar requires you to fill a 5x5 grid with the four letters A,B,C,D when you are given the number of occurrences of each letter in each row and column like this. No adjacent duplicates allowed in any row or column.   

This September 7th puzzle has been added to Mind Your ABCDs, Version2,0.  For user play, letter counts will be updated as letters are entered.  And,  there is a "Solve it for me"  after you give up J.  Check it out!