What's New -  4th Quarter,  2017



October 31, 2017:  A grandson's wedding, a run-in with an uninsured deer, replacing a garbage disposal when it its retaining clamp rusted through, breaking-in the new sawmill, and a hard-to-crack puzzle have made this a busy month without much to show for it.    The puzzle of the month Cast A Word,  is an interesting one that that's going to require more time to program.   In desperation, I did solve it with pen and paper today, so might get a solver programmed before Thanksgiving J .  

November 29, 2017:   Log Sawing Version 4 was posted today.  This program suggests effective ways to saw logs into lumber with a horizontal bandsaw.  It is a major rewrite from the original, hopefully for the better.   The original program was written in 2010 when owning a sawmill was only a "big boy's" dream.  Now that the dream has come true, it's time to make the program more than a math & programming exercise.  The biggest change from version 1  is the more realistic reporting of cutting positions as inches above the bed since the saw head moves down rather the the log moving up as boards are cut..   Click the link above to see more change details and to download the program.    


December 13, 2017: 

My nemesis "Cast A Word" puzzle has been solved!  Just not by me.  Recall that we are given 16 four letter words which can be formed by throwing four dice with letters on their faces and reading the tops.  The problem is to assign  letters to the dice in such a way that this can be done.  Cast  A Word. Version 2 written by Sergio, a smart, older, Italian, "just for fun" programmer bailed me out.  Click the link to find out more and download the program.